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Our Features

 Simplifying the management of guests while giving you the data and insights you need to maximize their value. We provide a platform that creates a satisfying experience for you to build ROI positive events on repeat for your attendees. 

Smart Guest Lists

Organize your guests with multiple guest lists; general admission, press, sponsor, VIPs, or whatever lists make sense. Track who and how many guests from each guest list attended, online or in-person.

Don't want the hassle of constantly updating guest lists or transferring lists? Set the smart list parameters, then sit back and allow individuals to manage their own lists and feed marketing lists directly into your check-in.

And with our all-in-one solution staff app, we make it easy to view event data, scanning guest list QRs, and tickets.

Digital Hard Tickets

Be done with affiliate codes and hard tickets.

A promoter can send, promote, and sell tickets instantly using our promoter app.


We know venues use multiple ticketing sites.

So we made it simple to quickly export your ticket data from Stryd. Gives you the choice to check-in guests with Stryd or any other platform. We can also be added to any website or create a new site

We only charge 99¢ + 2% per ticket.  
When hosting paid and free events, your free events are free. No contracts, setup fees, or cancellation fees.


Save on Facebook, and Instagram ad spend with our social media tasks tool. Use your influencers and staff to increase ticket sales, signups, and engagement. 

Use our IRL tools to easy manager your street team anywhere in the world. See photos, dates and times, and GPS location. Use our DA feature to create any custom task you can think of.

Measure the exact value each promoter is driving, identify top ambassadors, and efficiently scale your program. easily manage every process without the need for additional software.

Payments & Incentives

Don't wait for your money. All ticket revenue is instantly transferred to the event organizer after each sale. 


Promoters can track their earnings and transaction histories. Once tasks are completed and sales are over, payout your team members directly through Stryd. Cash them out via Stripe or pay them through your current method.

Make participation more rewarding. Design custom incentives for each event to give your team that extra boost and see an increase in ticket sales.

Data & Analytics 

Real-time visual analytics, leaderboards, customizable reports, sale tracking, and more give your management visibility into your team’s impact on sales & brand awareness.


We make it easy to use Stryd with any other ticketing or event management software. Clear visual analytics makes sharing data with partners and managers easy. Quickly import and export event and attendee data to a CSV.

Messaging & Feed

Much like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. In Stryd, you can shape conversations any way you like. Create a private 1-on-1 conversation or engage multiple users in a channel, topic, group, or chat room. It's all about shaping your chat to fit your use case.


The feed tab breathes a spirit of friendly competition through the program, motivating your team to stay active and engaged

See for yourself. 

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